• Quest

    QUEST Tortilla Style Protein Chips Chili Lime

    Want a tangy, spicy tortilla chip you can enjoy any time? Lucky you! We made Quest Chili Lime Tortilla Style Protein Chips to feed your flavor cravings!   NUTRITION FACTS Serving Size: 1 bag (32g) Servings Per Container:...

    $2.99 - $23.50

  • Quest

    QUEST Original Style Protein Chips BBQ

    Crunch your BBQ cravings! These baked protein chips capture all the smoky and tangy flavor of regular BBQ potato chips with 19g of protein per bag.   NUTRITION FACTS Serving Size: 1 bag (32g) Servings Per Container: 8 Amount/Serving Calories...

    $2.99 - $23.50

  • Quest

    QUEST Tortilla Protein Chips Loaded Taco

    Say hola to the Quest Loaded Taco Tortilla Style Protein Chips! Each crunchy chip is seasoned with loaded taco flavor and ready to feed your taco cravings whenever they hit.   NUTRITION FACTS Serving Size: 1 bag (32g) Servings Per Container:...

    $2.99 - $23.50

  • Simply Snackin'

    Simply Snackin Signature Beef - Bold Original

    Nutrient dense snacks crafted with a blend of LEAN 100%  Grass Fed  BEEF and a non-GMO Seasoning Blend that includes Ancient Sea Salt (from mines in the USA), Unrefined Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Pepper, Celery Powder, Cherry Juice...

    $2.15 - $21.00

  • Wicked Cutz Carolina Killa

    So you think you can handle it?!?! Challenge accepted? Really? OUR CAROLINA KILLA JERKY IS NO JOKE! It is the hottest jerky you will ever taste! Let us reiterate that….IT IS THE HOTTEST JERKY YOU WILL EVER HAVE!!! The three spiciest peppers in the...

    $10.99 - $24.99

  • Wicked Cutz Original Peppered

    The flavor starts as a Smokey black pepper flavor. Then the heat slowly rises to let you know this jerky has bite.  Wicked’s premium Cutz  are the ideal savory snack to satisfy your hunger and fuel your workout, road trip, or a long day...

    $10.99 - $24.99

  • Wicked Cutz Classic Chop House

    With this flavor we wanted to keep things in its original form. Our Classic Chop House Jerky is Ideal for those looking to keep it classic. Crack open a bag and get ready to experience an authentic flavor of beef at its finest. Beef, Salt, and...


  • Wicked Cutz Orange Teriyaki Beef

    *Cue Bag Opening* A rush of refreshing citrus aroma suddenly engulfs the air… a scent so appetizing and savory it could attract a pride of lions from a nearby zoo!! Our signature orange teriyaki flavor starts off sweet & tangy and smoothly...

    $10.99 - $24.99

  • Wicked Cutz BBQ Mesquite Beef (10 Servings)

    *****10oz ***** BBQ Mesquite is no ordinary jerky, it's a blast of Western Culture wrangled with a lasso and beat down in BBQ sauce by a herd of wild Buffalo. Our flavor is so pronounce and our taste is so delicious, this jerky will leave even the...


  • Wicked Cutz Buffalo Style (10 Servings)

    High Protein, Lean, and tender chicken bathed in classic buffalo style sauce so you can take the tangy kick in the taste buds of your favorite buffalo wings, anywhere you please. 7.5oz pack