New Year, New You: How to Reach Your 2020 Health Goals

Each year, getting healthy or losing weight remain some of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Although many people are motivated and determined on January 1st, come February, a vast majority have already given up on their goals. So, how can you increase your likelihood of sticking to healthy eating habits or staying committed to a fitness routine this year? If you want real change, it’s going to take a lot of dedication and work – but the results are worth it!

Here are some fun and easy tips for maintaining your New Year’s resolutions and reaching your 2020 health goals.

How to Stick to New Year’s Resolutions

  • Create a Visual Reminder – When beginning your exercise or diet plan, take some time to look for things that inspire or encourage you to stay healthy. It can be a combination of quotes, nutritious recipes you’d like to make, or images of exercises you enjoy. You can also include illustrations of places you’d like to visit once you reach your goals or anything else that motivates you and reminds you why you want to live a healthier lifestyle. Once you find your inspirations, cut out or print pictures of them and make a vision board to represent what you want to achieve. Then, place your board in a place that you see every day to help you stay focused.
  • Set Realistic Goals – It’s important to make New Year’s resolutions that are attainable and reasonable but challenging at the same time. So, when you’re setting your goals for the year, write down two or three specific goals you have in mind. For example, your main resolution might be losing 10 pounds, eating less sugar, exercising five days a week, or limiting your fast food intake. Then, write down actionable daily, weekly, and monthly steps on how to stick to your diet or fitness routine and record your progress. If you want to reach your goals successfully, you need to have a plan in place that keeps you accountable.
  • Start Your Day Out with a Healthy Breakfast – Getting in the right mindset first thing in the morning can help set the pace for the rest of your day. When you eat a nutritious breakfast, you’ll be more inclined to continue to make good food choices for the rest of your meals. Whereas, if you blow your diet on that calorie-laden bagel and extra-large mocha (with whipped cream) first thing, it can all go downhill from there. If you tend to feel rushed in the mornings, protein shakes or bars pack in a bunch of nutrition without a lot of prep.
  • Tap into a Support Group – Getting healthy can be fun, especially when you have a group to support you. So, try meal prepping with friends once a week, joining in on an exercise class, or scheduling a dinner date to cook a nutritious meal. When you have people with similar goals and resolutions as you, building a support group can benefit everyone! It can also be a safe place where you can share your successes and struggles, ask questions, and motivate each other to stay committed.

Reach Your Diet Goals in 2020 with Help from Nutmeg State Nutrition

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