In-Store & Phone Order Specials

Monthly In-Store and Phone Sale
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Save big this month on purchases made over the phone or in our stores!

If you are unable to make it into a location, please email your order to to receive the specials.

(Discount only applicable in-store and by phone)

Proti Diet Chile $6

DPTG Variety 10 Gram $8

Proti Fit Orange Drink $7

Proti Fit Pink Lemonade $7

Proti Fit Strawberry Kiwi Drink $7

Proti Fit Chocolate Pudding/ Shake $7

Proti Fit Hot Chocolate $7

DPTG Peanut Butter Mousse $8

While supplies last because a few of these products may run out and we will not be carrying them anymore.

NOTE: These specials apply to in store purchases and phone orders only.