4 Reasons Beef Jerky Is the King of All Snacks

Is beef jerky one of your favorite foods? Do you long for its savory flavor, unbeatable heartiness and chewable texture? But somewhere along the way, did someone tell you it was considered junk food, so you have shunned it in search of your ideal weight? Well, today is your lucky day. It turns out that beef jerky is not only okay during your weight loss quest, it is recommended as part of a high-protein or low-calorie diet. Here’s why:

It’s Delicious

First off, beef jerky tastes delicious, and this is important. Just because you are trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you should have to succumb to a diet of cardboard and rice paper. When you add jerky into your high-protein diet, you can enjoy eating again, which means you are a lot more likely to stick to your goals.

It’s Convenient

Seriously, how much easier does it get than grabbing a pack of jerky? It’s already made to perfection before it ever arrives in your home, so all you have to do is open the bag and enjoy. No dirty dishes? Now, that’s a good snack. Whether you are heading out on a backpacking trip (yay, physical activity!) or going to the office, jerky is about as simple as snacking gets.

It’s Satisfying

It’s true that there are a lot of delicious and convenient snacks out there, but most of them have very little to offer when it comes to actually keeping you full. What good is a healthy snack if you are reaching for something else within the hour? Not good at all when you are on a low-calorie diet. But jerky gives you a big ol’ bang for your buck; it is loaded with hearty protein (about 14 grams/ounce) that will keep you satisfied until your next meal rolls around.

It’s Healthy

Our beef jerky is nothing like the stuff you find at gas stations. (Is that stuff plastic or meat? Anybody?) We only use the purest ingredients, don’t add in any MSG or preservatives, and avoid corn syrup and nitrates like the plague. But above that, our jerky uses herbs and spices that are known for their antioxidant properties, which might be able to keep you looking younger just a little bit longer. Oh yeah, and it’s low-carb, too. Can’t beat that.

Clearly, beef jerky is the perfect snack. Whether you are on a low-calorie or high-protein diet or you just want something tasty to eat, beef jerky will not disappoint.

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