5 Common Diet Plans and How to Determine Which One is Right for You

5 Common Diet Plans and How to Determine Which One is Right for You

Health and wellness are important things to consider when it comes to planning your lifestyle. For many people, a healthy diet program can help them reach that goal. Unfortunately, many people find that losing weight can be harder than expected.

Difficulty losing weight is a natural part of aging. As we get older, excess fat can become harder to lose. Instead of riding that up and down roller coaster of losing weight and then gaining it back, taking the time to find the right diet for you can be both effective and rewarding. So, which diet should you choose?

There are so many common diet plans to consider. You may be asking yourself questions like, “what diet is right for me,” “which diet is best for weight loss," and “which diet can I afford?” To help you begin answering these questions, let’s explore the five of the most popular diets this year.


The Paleo diet has what one could call a historic background. It is modeled after the diet of humans in the Paleolithic era, between 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago. Paleo bases its premise on the diet of hunters and gatherers, focusing on fresh, unprocessed meat, nuts, seeds, and fish. This diet also promotes eating locally as often as possible to get the freshest, most nutrient-dense foods.

The Western diet, which features milk, salt, refined sugar, and grains, can contribute to obesity, heart conditions, and cancer. By contrast, the potential benefit of the Paleo diet is lowered blood pressure, weight management, and improved cholesterol. Keep in mind that if you choose the Paleo diet, you do lose critical sources of fiber, protein, and calcium and will need to take a supplement. This diet can also be a bit expensive and can be hard to stay with long-term.


The vegan diet has become one of the most common diet plans for a reason: accessibility. This diet is comprised of only food made with plants. However, there’s a difference between vegan and vegetarian. Vegetarians may eat eggs, dairy, honey, and other non-plant-based foods. The vegan diet prohibits the consumption of any animal product, including dairy, and eggs. Individuals who have made veganism a major part of their lifestyle may also refrain from buying certain soaps, clothes, leathers, and animal furs.

The benefit of a vegan diet is that it eliminates the risk of many diseases that begin with the consumption of animals, and it is low in fats. In addition, vegans tend to consume more fiber and more antioxidants, and some vegans have a lower BMI than those who choose other diets. However, the downside to this diet is that you must constantly watch that you are getting the vitamins and nutrients your body needs, and many people must supplement with plant-based proteins.


A popular diet plan for weight loss is the low-carb diet. With this diet, carbohydrates from bread, processed sugars, and other sources are limited, as well as those from starchy vegetables and some fruits. However, this diet is not about stopping you from enjoying your favorite foods that contain carbohydrates; it simply reduces your intake of these foods.

Many people find that a low-carb diet gives them the impression that even though they are on a diet, they aren’t restricting themselves from food, as they can eat several items like meats, eggs, and nuts. By properly pursuing a low-carb diet with lean meats, leafy green vegetables, fish, eggs, and more, you can lower the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Keep in mind: A sudden drop in carbs can cause headaches, dizziness, and muscle cramps.


The Keto diet is a very popular diet plan and can be followed with relatively little instruction. The word Keto is the condensed version of “ketogenic.” This diet consists of eating healthy fats for energy instead of carbohydrates. Keto is like the low-carb diet because it limits the intake of carbohydrates, but it focuses on putting the body into a state of ketosis, making it much better at burning fat.

Protein-rich foods included in this diet are fish, eggs, cheese, and meats. Keto has been known to help people lose weight and decrease snacking between meals. However, if not followed carefully, it can also cause deficiencies in some nutrients. Keto can increase the possibility of liver disease. With the high restrictions enforced by this diet, some people find it hard to sustain the keto diet for long-term and possible short-term weight loss.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

HCG is a growth hormone produced in the placenta during pregnancy. However, HCG can also become another option in the weight loss battle. For people following a healthy diet incorporating this hormone, HCG can be administered via injection or drops taken orally. When the planned diet and medications are followed as prescribed, results can be phenomenal.

Doctors theorize that obesity is caused by a hormone imbalance. HCG can help balance those hormone levels and contribute positively to the immune system. Human chorionic gonadotropin can help support your muscle mass and also use the body’s fat and calorie intake for fuel. This promotes lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight loss. For some people, weight loss associated with an HCG diet is too rapid, which can be difficult to sustain.

What Diet Is Right for Me?

Each of the five most popular diets has its pros and cons. Depending on your food preferences, health goals, and commitment to change, you can choose a diet plan that fits your unique needs. For those who want to lose weight with a plan that does not fully restrict any food groups, the low-carb diet is an excellent choice, as it is adjustable and very cost-efficient.

The Keto diet bases its premise on protein-rich foods, limiting carbohydrates more strictly than even a low-carb diet. All refined sugars and processed foods are prohibited. Paleo is not very cost-efficient for those on a budget, but it can help reduce obesity and blood pressure.

Similarly, the vegan option is a diet plan many people have been able to follow for an extended period, especially with the help of diet supplements. Making a vegan lifestyle change can be a positive change in a person’s overall health, and there is such a large variety of food and supplements available now that eating bland food is a thing of the past.

As long as human chorionic gonadotropin injections are done by a physician and the patient is monitored closely, HCG can offer quick results when done in conjunction with a healthy eating plan.

Lose Weight With Nutmeg State Nutrition

Setting small goals will help you stay engaged in your diet no matter which one you choose. With each diet, hydration and easy access to healthy foods is key, which is why products from professional health and wellness supplier like Nutmeg State Nutrition are so important. Weight loss can lead to a healthier you, and our diet plans can help you reach those goals. Our medical weight loss products can fit into several popular diet plans, ensuring you’ll stay on the path to success and better living.

Let us help you succeed! Contact Nutmeg State Nutrition for more information about our products and visit our site to view our resources. Consult with a physician before starting any diet program.

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