Healthy Dessert Swaps to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Healthy Dessert Swaps to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Cutting sweets from your diet is never fun. It always feels like something is missing and nothing seems to satisfy that craving. Every dessert lover knows there’s nothing quite like the feeling of sinking your teeth into a candy bar or crunching down on a delicious chocolate chip cookie. But how do we watch our weight and make healthy choices while still indulging in something sweet to satisfy our cravings?

Even if you have cut sweets from your diet, odds are you’ll never completely stop craving desserts – and you shouldn’t have to! Sweets help boost our satisfaction after a fulfilling meal, resolving our need to eat more. By neglecting these cravings, we often end up restricting, which can lead to giving up on a diet that doesn’t have any balance or “treat yourself” moments.

Rather than cutting out sweets altogether, start by replacing desserts that are high in calories, fat, and sugar with healthy alternatives that satisfy your diet goals. We’ve created a list of some of the best desserts you can eat on a diet that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth while still helping you reach your goals.

Best Desserts for Dieting

Have you ever wondered how a dessert can also be healthy? In fact, the word dessert often has negative connotations when it comes to dieting. Eating dessert while dieting seems almost like cheating, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out this list of the best diet desserts when trying to lose weight.

Chocolate Cake

When it comes to eating cake, often the “serve-yourself” portion sizes are much larger (and richer) than we expect. At Nutmeg State Nutrition, you never have to worry about overeating when you enjoy our chocolate cake. Our DPTG Chocolate Fudge Cake is a delicacy that everyone enjoys, perfectly portioned and much lighter than regular chocolate cake. When you purchase a box of our chocolate fudge cakes, you will receive seven pre-packaged cakes at just 120 calories each.

These healthy, easy desserts are the perfect after-dinner treat to satisfy your cravings while preventing you from feeling bloated and guilty afterward.

Turtle Candies

Don’t think that just because you are on a low-carb diet you can’t enjoy premium chocolate candies now and again. Our ChocoRite Dark Chocolate Pecan Clusters are low in carbs and sugar and are made with quality ingredients. When you buy a box of these sweet treats, you receive 16 individually wrapped candies.

Unlike competing products, these clusters will not make you feel bloated and provide a better snacking experience for a very low price. Enjoy in moderation and satisfy your sweet cravings while still reaching your health and fitness goals.

Key Lime Pie

Not a believer in diet desserts? You will be when you swap traditional key lime pie for our delicious and protein-rich Key Lime Cheesecake Mug Cakes. Low in calories and carbs and high in protein, these mug cakes are the perfect sweet treat for your diet. Enjoy after a workout for a protein boost.

You don’t need to be a skilled baker to make this easy dessert a delicious reality. All you need is water and a mug! We provide all the rest of the ingredients in our easy, pre-portioned packages. Not a fan of lime? Don’t worry – these mug cakes come in several different flavors, including gingerbread, chocolate, and blueberry.

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Everyone loves a chocolate chip cookie, which is why one of the most popular desserts is a chocolate sandwich cookie. Unfortunately, in most cases, cookies are empty calories containing little nutritional value. But not anymore!

If you are a cookie lover who is not ready to give these sweet treats up, try replacing regular cookies with our Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. High in protein and containing zero grams of sugar, these cookies will satisfy both your hunger and your sweet tooth.

Salty Treats for Savory Cravings

Snacks can endanger your diet just as quickly as sweets, and opening a party-sized bag of chips can often be a dangerous game. It is hardly ever possible to just enjoy a handful. With an open bag in front of you, it is easy to eat handful after handful until the entire bag is gone.

Of course, this does not mean you should cut the salty snacks altogether, but rather moderate the portion size. At Nutmeg State Nutrition, we do the moderation for you by including seven evenly portioned snack bags in every box of our DPTG Tasty Bites Party Mix. Low in calories and perfect for an after-workout snack, these individual baggies each contain 10 grams of protein that will leave you feeling satisfied and full.

Try These Healthy Dessert Ideas With Nutmeg State Nutrition

Dieting does not mean that you have to stop eating all of your favorite savory snacks and sweet desserts. Instead, dieting should be about choosing balanced sweets to help you reach your specific health goals. With our pre-portioned sizes and low-calorie options, our healthy, easy desserts help you embrace your sweet tooth while still staying true to your diet. Get started today by checking out our wide variety of healthy sweet ideas!

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