What's the Male Obsession with Beef Jerky?

In most cases, watching someone consume beef jerky is reminder of the cavemen days. We think of beef jerky as a manly snack, and most women wouldn't go near it years ago. But, as products evolve, and beef jerky becomes readily available in a variety of different flavors, more and more healthy eaters are grabbing beef jerky as a go to snack to refuel their body.

Like Spinach to Popeye

Beef jerky to man can be compared to spinach to Popeye in many ways. You envision the commercials of earlier days with a muscular man, sometimes even a power lifter or wrestler, taking a fierce bite into a piece of beef jerky. And, as it becomes available in more and more varieties, including many unique game meats, consuming beef jerky has become somewhat of a social event amongst hunters and other jerky lovers. So, what is the big hype about beef jerky and why is it so popular?

  • It's ready to eat. In the fast food nation that we live in today, grabbing a ready to eat piece of beef jerky can help us to stay ahead of our busy days. It's convenient, portable, and has a long shelf life. This is great for hunting or camping trips, and military personnel, where you won't have to worry about your snacks spoiling. Plus, they travel easy.
  • It's beef. Let's face it. Beef is one of the classic American favorites. And the combination of beef and sodium fulfills two of the three food groups that men need for nutrition. And, for those who closely watch what they eat, it is high in protein. This makes a great snack option to fill you up in a healthy way. And it increases your energy and strength to keep you going.
  • There's a variety. There are more than thirty types of beef jerky available on the market and many flavors available. This leaves room to try new options. And, it comes in all types of meat-chicken, beef, venison, you name it!
  • It's cheap. Healthy eating can be difficult on a budget. Choosing beef jerky as a snack gives you the option to stay on track with your budget while consuming natural, low carb snacks that will refuel your body and leave you satisfied. One of the most important parts of your weight loss journey is fueling your body in the right way, and beef jerky does just that.

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