Consuming Whey Protein Before Bed Is The Way To Go!

Today, whey protein is highly sought after by many people who want to get fit, build muscle, lose weight and supplement a healthy diet. Not only it is easy on the digestive system, its quick-acting form promotes immediate muscle recovery and repair. While other people also take whey protein also to boost their immune system, have you ever considered taking them as a supplement before bedtime? Casein is the most common option for that, but is whey a good idea and alternative? Read on to find out an unbiased overview of taking this supplement before bed!

Taking whey protein before bed helps promote weight loss

If the current goal is to shed some unwanted weight, taking it before going to bed is a viable solution. As whey protein helps speed up your metabolism, burning fat while you rest is possible. If you are interested in trying this out, mix your protein powder with water instead of milk. While it will not taste as good, the health benefits prevail. You'll receive all of the amino acids in the protein but fewer amounts of the calories.

Helps you wake up feeling great

You might already know that most of your recovery happens during your sleep. During the day, you are constantly using your muscles and your body can't really repair itself until you finally stop moving when fall asleep at night. With the help of whey protein, your body repairs itself much more efficiently. As the protein speeds up your metabolism, you will also have more energy when you wake up the next morning – it will be easier to wake up as well! Thanks to the increased supply of amino acids, the protein powder will top up your built-in gas tanks of your muscles.

Understanding the downsides

As whey protein is designed to supply you a quick infusion of beneficial calories and amino acids. This means it works at its best before, during and immediately after exercise. It helps produce ATP energy for exertion, maintain energy levels during a workout and replenish lost nutrients and repairs muscles during the recovery process. The fact that it's fast-acting does not always mean it's the best option for you to take before bed. Here's why. If you take too much before bed, it means your body's calorie-burning furnace switches to high gear and produces too much energy for you to relax and fall asleep.


Whey protein is definitely the go-to choice when you need to be active during the day and at training. But casein protein is the correct alternative to consider as a pre-bedtime protein shake or smoothie. It's made to provide a steady stream of amino acids over the course of the entire evening without causing unnecessary or sudden spikes in your energy levels.

However, it is still worth trying whey protein for a few nights to see what effects it may have on your body. Different people experience different results and maybe your body might much more favourably to whey protein instead.

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