Hemp vs. Whey Protein for Body Building - Which is Better?

Dietary protein is regarded to be very essential to one's life, especially if you want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. You have to take note though that there are different types of dietary protein that you can choose from. Among your choices are hemp protein and whey protein. The name of these two types of dietary protein alone already states that the two are different from each other. Thinking of which one to choose between these two? Read on to find out more about them:

Understanding hemp protein and whey protein

What makes these two types of dietary protein similar? It will be the fact that they both contain essential amino acids that your body needs. Add to that, you can consume both to provide your daily dietary protein requirements. However, you have to take note that hemp protein is actually a vegetable source that has been made out of the plant called Cannabis sativa. Meanwhile, whey protein is a dietary protein from an animal source and is specifically derived from milk. This one is being sold in powdered form whereas, hemp protein are commonly sold with the so-called healthy fiber and fats.

How is hemp protein made?

When choosing for a dietary protein source, it will be good to know how they are actually made to better understand how they can fit in to your dietary requirements. Hemp protein, specifically derived from the hemp seed, is actually made out of easily-digestible proteins called albumin and edestin. In addition to the great amount of essential amino acids that it already contains, it also has arginine in high levels. It can be compared to the amino acid profiles of egg white and soy proteins. A scoop of hemp protein contains about 14 grams of protein, 4 grams of fat and 111 calories.

How is whey protein made?

Whey protein, on the other hand, is made commonly by filtering out the ash and lactose in the product. It is actually a combination of beta-albumin and alpha-lactalbumin. As mentioned awhile back, it is the same with hemp protein when it comes to how much essential amino acids it contains. The difference between these two lies on the fact that they contain different levels of protein, fat and calories. Whey protein, notably, has 17 grams of protein, a gram of fat and 103 calories per scoop.

Which is the better choice between the two?

If you go back to the points discussed above, you will say that hemp protein is a better choice than whey protein when the presence of healthy fats and fiber is given consideration. However, if you consider the fact that whey protein contains more protein per scoop than that of hemp protein, you can easily conclude that whey protein is a better choice between these two. It can meet your dietary protein requirements easier than hemp protein will.

For more about whey protein and how you can incorporate it in your daily diet for a healthier body, feel free to browse through our pages. While reading, you will find out more about products that contain the sufficient amount of dietary protein that your body needs!

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