Nutrition Fact vs. Fiction

As companies try to sell and market their brand, it is often difficult to distinguish between nutrition fact and fiction because so many are trying to sell their products. Here are five nutrition facts that you may have thought were myths all along!

Caffeine enhances workouts and adds to weight loss

Although it may seem like a bunch of bologna, caffeine does enhance workout and add to weight loss. This is so true that some competitive sports platforms limit the amount of caffeine that can be found in a participant\'s system. The problem with using caffeine to enhance your work out is that the risks of caffeine generally outweigh the benefits. High caffeine use can lead to high blood pressure, decreased bone mineral density in women, sleeplessness, and jittery nerves. Check with your doctor before adding to your caffeine intake.

How often you eat can promote weight loss

Many will argue with the fact that how often you eat promotes weight loss. In fact, most diets encourage focusing on what you eat, not when. While what you eat is an important part of a successful diet, eating frequently can reduce your fat intake and minimize your likelihood to snack throughout the day. Additionally, those who eat regular meals tend to shy away from skipping breakfast which has great effects on our metabolism.

You can eat dessert and lose weight

This is everyone\'s favorite fact! Moderation or choosing the right products to eat is more important than elimination. For example, you can find dessert that takes just as good and is healthy instead of looking to eliminate dessert from your diet all together. In fact, eating in moderation is key to a healthy diet. Eliminating foods often leads to binge eating and over consumption because of deprivation.

Protein powers are real food and they are not dangerous!

Even though some argue that protein powders are not real food and they are dangerous, the protein in protein powder is derived from whey, soy, eggs, etc. There are minor ingredients added to protein powders to add flavor. This is an inexpensive and convenient way for those who are looking to up their protein increase to drink their protein. And protein powders are real food!

Water is a secret weapon for weight loss

Hydration is an important part of everyday health. Not only does drinking an ample amount of water help with many health conditions, it does aid in weight loss as well. Because there are no calories in water, it fills your stomach, and it leaves you feeling less hungry, water can help you drop those extra pounds. In addition, choosing water helps to stay away from those artificially flavored drinks that add to our calorie intake.

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