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  1. Fatty Foods You Should Avoid

    What we eat has a major impact on our body. Not only does it affect our weight, it can be a leading factor in major health problems. Fatty foods affect our lives in two ways. When you eat the right fatty foods, your body has the balance it needs to lose weight the healthy way. When you eat the wrong fatty foods, you set yourself up for serious health risks. Full-fat yogurts, oils, and eggs are some foods that have healthy fats. We can’t cut fat completely out of our diets because we need it to survive. But, we need to make sure we are consuming the right fats daily. So, what fatty foods should you avoid?

    Fried Potatoes

    That’s right. We’re talking about French fries and potato chips. While their main ingredient of whole potatoes is healthy and filling, this variation is not. French fries and potato chips are high in calories and they are designed to fit the saying, “bet you can’t eat just one!” Not only are they unhealthy, they ha

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  2. Diet Food Fun Facts

    Food is a part of everyone’s day. Across the world, people come together over a nice meal for many reasons. Getting together with family, celebrating milestones, and discussing a business deal can all be done over a nice meal. Since we can’t live without it, many Americans develop a great love of food. So, here’s some fun facts about food that you might not have known.

    Millions of Americans Skip Breakfast

    Breakfast revs up our metabolism and gives our bodies the energy we need to start the day. Since breakfast is the first meal of the day, it’s purpose is right there in the name-break the fast. Therefore, it should be your priority when you wake up. But, as millions of Americans are plagued by a too busy lifestyle, breakfast is the first thing that people throw out the window on their way out the door.

     Lemons Are One of the Healthiest Foods in the World

    That might make your lips pucker as you think about target lemons

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  3. 7 Benefits of Eating Protein Foods

    High protein diets do more than just help you lose weight. Did you know that your organs, tissues, muscles, and hormones all have a combination of protein used for development, growth, and functionality? Proteins are involved in just about every part of your body. So, when you consume a high protein diet, you take advantage of several health benefits.

    Protein Reduces Appetite and Hunger Levels

    Fats, carbs, and proteins are all part of a well-balanced diet that fuels our body. But, they all affect our bodies in different ways. Protein helps your feel fuller. And, you actually consume less to feel this way when you are eating protein-rich foods. The science behind this is that protein reduces the hormone ghrelin, and boost the hormone peptide YY in your body. Ghrelin is your hunger hormone while peptide YY is your satiety hormone. So, you are reducing your hunger levels and leaving your body feeling fuller. If you replace some of the carbs and fats you are eating wit

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  4. Can Chocolate Really Help You Lose Weight?

    You aren’t dreaming when you hear that chocolate can help with weight loss. Although you might have figured you needed to stay away from your favorite sweet treat, the truth is that eating the right chocolate can reverse the effects of stress, take back control of your body, and even help you lose weight. But, the key is eating the right kind of chocolate.

    Dark chocolate in its most natural form has the most nutritional value. Because the cocoa bean content is what supplies health benefits, dark chocolate can cut cravings and help to control your appetite. The bolder the flavor and darker the chocolate the better it is for your weight loss goals, because light chocolate is loaded with processed sugars. But, remember, even things that are good for you should be eaten in moderation. Here are five health benefits of consuming dark chocolate:

    Cut Cravings

    You know the saying a little goes a long way? Part of the problem with dieting, when i

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  5. Finding the Right Fitness Motivation

    Have you been looking to change your occasional trip to the gym to a regular ritual to increase your weight loss results? Are you finding yourself hitting road blocks when it comes to finding the motivation to make the change? While many people are interested in making a positive change to improve their health, a struggle with motivation often leads them to an inability of making these changes a regular part of their daily routine. So, how do you get in the groove and find a way to motivation yourself for success?

    For years, psychologists have been studying the intricate ins and outs of the weight loss world. One of the most common complaints when it comes to failure in weight loss is directly attributed to a lack of motivation. Finally, researchers have found a way to crack the code. And, at the heart of the answer is the need to develop a good overall strategy for success.


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  6. 3 Awesome Diet Plans for Your Weight Loss Goals

    Weight loss is a common topic of discussion throughout households, coffee shops, and nail salons everywhere. At some point, we all feel the need to shed a few pounds. But, since the topic of weight loss is commonly discussed, the food and diet industry are always looking for new products to market to potential buyers. As a result, new diets that promise rapid results are released almost weekly, it seems.

    So, how do you know what works? And, where should you turn when you need a diet that will improve your health and bring you results instead of wasting your time and money? These 3 awesome diets for your weight loss goals have shown consistent results for years.

    High Protein Diet

    Following a diet that is high in protein is a great option if you are looking for weight loss. High protein diets have several positive overall effects on the body. In addition to effective

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  7. Is There a Connection Between Depression and Weight Gain?

    Weight gain and depression are both heavy burdens to carry. But is there a connection between the two? While is it unknown which might come first, we can be sure that there is a correlation between the two. So, how can you battle these two burdens and find success? Can positive thinking help depression? And, will beating your depression help you to lose weight? These are all difficult questions to answer, but studies show that choosing to take on one of these difficulties can certainly help to resolve the other.

    Weight Gain and Depression

    Whether we gain weight because we are depressed, or become depressed because we have gained weight, is unsure. But, both can happen. Depression has been known to cause several symptoms that effect our weight. Appetite disturbances, lack of energy and lack of motivation are just a few. And, weight gained from depression has an effect that can be harder

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  8. Top Ten Weight Loss Tips

    While more than half of Americans are currently changing their lifestyle to lose weight, many of them aren’t doing it right. A healthy balance of diet and exercise is the first step to achieving your weight loss goals. But, we can always use a few tips to help us along the way. Here is a list of the top ten weight loss tips:

    1. Drink More Water

    Water is an essential part of healthy hydration. Believe it or not, water retention occurs when we don’t supply our bodies with enough water. While the amount of water we should consume is different based on our bodies, the average person should aim for 64 ounces. In addition to keeping us hydrated and reducing water retention, drinking water fills our stomach, which leads to less calorie consumption throughout the day.

    1. Eliminate Processed Foods

    Processed foods

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  9. Finding Success in Your Weight Loss Efforts

    Across America, and the world, most people are either on a diet or feel they need to diet. But, in all reality, a “diet” is simply what you eat. If you are looking to find success in your weight loss efforts, you need to ask yourself one question: what diet plan is best for me? Your weight loss plan will only work if it fits your lifestyle and your personality. One of the most important parts of weight loss success is sticking with it, and if a diet doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, it will only be a temporary effort. So, what kind of dieter are you, and what lifestyle will meet your personality?

    1. The Support Seeker

    The support seeking dieter looks to their friends and the professionals for answers. They like to see examples of diets that have worked for others. Since they rely heavily on the support of others, they surround themselves with people wh

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  10. What Are the Healthiest Foods to Eat When Dieting?

    Although most people understand that different types foods cause us to gain, maintain, or lose weight, there is one important fact about food that many people do not know. Our body is made up of different metabolic pathways and different foods travel through these metabolic pathways when they enter our body. This determines how various foods effect hunger, hormones, and even how many calories our body burns. Based on this bit of information, many people wonder what are the healthiest foods to eat when looking to find the most success in weight loss. We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 healthiest foods to aid you on your diet journey.

    1. Whole Eggs. While eggs got a bad rap for years, the negative effects that they have on our bodies, particularly our hearts, have been proven to be minimal, if present at all. Eggs are high in protein and healthy fats. They keep us feeli
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