5 Tools & Accessories to Make Your Weight Loss Journey Easier

There’s no better time to focus on yourself and set health goals than the start of a new year. If you’ve already set weight loss as one of your intentions in 2021, then you’re probably wondering what you can do to guarantee a successful journey. Luckily, there are a variety of accessories that can make the process easier and more enjoyable. Dieting isn’t just about the meal plan you follow or the workouts you choose. Often, you need a few weight loss tools in your arsenal that can help make your approach as easy and convenient as possible.

Below, we’re highlighting five weight loss accessories that will come in handy throughout your journey (and beyond).

1. Shaker Bottles

Shaker bottles make mixing shakes and smoothies fast and easy. Nutmeg State Nutrition offers a wide selection of shaker bottles, all of which are functional and high-quality. These products blend protein shakes, smoothies, and puddings in one convenient, BPA-free container that is easy to clean and holds up to repeated use. You won’t know how you survived without a blender bottle after seeing how effective they are in making delicious meals and snacks in less than a minute.

2. Protein Shots

Protein is an essential nutrient that can help you reach your health goals by providing a feeling of fullness without raising your blood sugar. However, it can be difficult to eat the right amount of protein when you’re busy or on-the-go. Protein shots are perfect for when you need a little something to hold you over between meals. These three-ounce bottles provide 15 grams of protein with only 60 calories in each serving. Plus, they come in a variety of delicious flavors, including orange, pink lemonade, and cran-grape.

3. Food Journals

Food journals are a great way to track your progress, identify unhealthy eating patterns, and more. There are many options available, so give a few different ones a try and settle on the tracking tool that works best for you. If you prefer to monitor what you eat by recording your meals and snacks by hand, consider downloading and printing a food journal template to use. This will save you some time and money. Some journals provide space for water intake, portion sizes, and emotional health as well. Other easy-to-use (and often free) trackers can be found online or as a smartphone app if you prefer to journal electronically.

4. Smart Scales

Scales are one of the best weight loss accessories to have, and they’ve come a long way in terms of technology. Today’s smart scales do much more than weigh you. This is a positive thing for most people, as a simple number on a scale is not always a great way to measure success. Find a digital smart scale that determines the percentage of muscle mass and subcutaneous fat on your body. That way, you’ll have multiple ways to monitor your progress rather than focusing on pounds lost.

5. Fitness Trackers

If you like a one-stop-shop approach, consider purchasing a fitness tracker that integrates with a food tracking app. Some trackers have large databases of activities you can search for and add to your journal to record how long you participated in the exercise. Other more advanced options adjust your total caloric intake based on calories consumed as well as calories burned. Some also include pedometers that record steps, as well as GPS features that track your distance and pace. No matter what fitness tracker you choose, use it to motivate you to move a little faster or walk a bit further each day.

BONUS: Healthy Foods from Nutmeg State Nutrition

Of course, one of the best tools for losing weight is nutritious, delicious food. To ensure you have healthy options on-hand at all times, browse Nutmeg State Nutrition’s selection of diet meals, snacks, drinks, and more. Or, contact us for more information about our products!

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