PB2 - The Perfect Peanut Butter Alternative for Weight Loss

It’s PB2: Powdered Peanut Butter

Do you love peanut butter? You are not alone. But if you are on a diet, you probably feel like you can’t have this delectable treat. At 190 calories per two measly tablespoons, it’s enough to wreak havoc on any weight loss plan. Which is a big bummer for peanut butter lovers everywhere. Until now. That’s right, ladies and gentleman, now you can have your peanut butter and lose weight, too, with the help of PB2.

What is PB2?

It is about to be your new favorite cupboard staple. PB2 is still made with real slow-roasted peanuts, but instead of serving you the entire nut, the geniuses behind it press them first. As they press the nuts, the oils and fats are removed, leaving behind just the delicious peanut taste that you love. However, because there are no fats or oils, the end product is a powder.

How do I eat it?

No, you aren’t going to want to sprinkle powdered peanuts on your toast. Don’t worry; you don’t have to. With PB2, all you have to do is mix two tablespoons of the powder with some water, stir it up, and you have a real peanut butter spread. The instructions say to use one tablespoon of water, but you can use a little bit more or less depending on how smooth you like your peanut butter. If you measure it just right, it really does have the same consistency as real peanut butter.

Note: For the best results, mix the PB2 as you need it, instead of trying to mix up the entire jar at once. You can do it that way, but it just doesn’t taste as good after sitting. 

Is it really that much healthier?

You decide. Regular creamy peanut butter from the jar has 190 calories and 3g of saturated fat per serving (two tablespoons). For the same amount, PB2 only has 45 calories and zero grams of saturated fat. So yeah, it’s a lot healthier. You can enjoy PB2 with a banana in the morning, on your sandwich at lunch, and savor it with some chocolate pudding for dessert and you will still consume fewer calories than if you just had one serving of the real stuff.

But is it good?

Yes, this is the most important question. It doesn’t really matter how healthy the stuff is if it won’t satisfy your peanut butter cravings. And this stuff will. It does taste different, but that’s because the oils are gone. Instead, all you taste is the pureness of the peanuts. Some people actually prefer the taste of PB2 to the traditional version because it is a more defined taste. After just one bite you will be hooked, so you better stock up, because it does go quickly once you realize the world of peanut butter just opened up to you.

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